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Désherbeur thermique 3 rangs 1
Désherbeur thermique 3 rangs 2
Désherbeur thermique 3 rangs 3
Désherbeur thermique 3 rangs 4
Désherbeur thermique 3 rangs 5

The machine is attached to the tractor. The gas tank, consisting of two 300 kg tanks, is attached to the front of the tractor.
 This machine can weed three 1600mm wide beds in a single pass with a continuous autonomy of 9 hours.

The machine is hydraulically foldable for road travel and fits into a gauge of less than 2.55m. Gauge wheels located on the front beam allow for preheight. A control box located in the tractor cab manages the 3 diffusers independently (ignition, temperature control, height positioning, and opening and closing of the side arms). The management of the height and level of the diffusers in relation to the ground is carried out via ultrasonic sensors controlling the electro-distributors automatically.

The gas circuit secured by solenoid valves operates at very low pressure (max. 1.5 bar).

If the automatic system fails, the driver can intervene manually using a Joystik handle.

Performance table

Width with arms open4,77 m
Width with arms closed2,44 m
Length with arms open1,34 m
Length with arms closed2,71 m
Height1,5 m
Weight700 Kg
Quantity of gas carried600 kg
FuelPropane in gas phase
Width of treatment1600 mm per ramp
Forward speed2 to 3 km/h
Operating pressure0.8 to1,5 bar
Power per ramp90 to 150 kw   X 3

All technical information is indicative and subject to change without notice.


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