Jaulent Industrie

The Company


ETS JAULENT was created by Mr Gérard JAULENT in 1976 (technician in aeronautical mechanics employed for 10 years at the Aerospatiale), an individual company working in the agricultural mechanics sector. Since October 1st 1996, the individual company has become a limited liability company with a capital of 122 000,00€.

Its activity began with the subcontracting and repair of agricultural machinery and today is 95% focused on the design of agricultural machinery and more particularly on plasticulture equipment. At present, the company employs about ten people.

In 1987, he designed a machine for unrolling agricultural films and placing the plastics on mini hoops. This machine is patented. Several thousand machines were produced and sold in France and abroad. At the same time, he filed a second patent for a decompactor.
Since 1987, Mr JAULENT has registered more than 30 patents, several trademarks and registered designs.

Production equipment

Today, the company has a workshop of 1,200 m² and a design office and two sales offices with a total surface area of 100 m², as well as CAD equipment, all on a 1 ha site.

Company’s products

Plasticulture, market gardening and nursery equipment.

Little by little, the company has spread beyond the department. Its production is now distributed throughout France, including the French overseas departments and territories, and abroad (exports accounted for 40% of turnover in 2014 and 60% in 2019), particularly in Algeria, Austria, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Ivory Coast, Denmark, St Domingue, Spain, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Madagascar, Morocco, Portugal, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Venezuela, Romania, Ukraine, St Pierre et Miquelon, etc.

Through the technological quality of the equipment it manufactures and distributes, the company has achieved a certain notoriety. Mr JAULENT’s skills and know-how, and his sense of observation, contribute greatly to this success.

Awards at trade fairs

1988 Unwinding machine awarded at SIFEL
1993 4 different prizes awarded including the prize for the plastic film recovery machine (Récuplastik)
1994 Prize at the FIMA in Zaragoza (Spain) for the plastic film recovery machine
1995 SITEVI prize for mechanisation load for melons grown in 3-row tunnels
1996 2 prizes including a first prize for a new plastic film collection machine
1997 Hydraulic tunneling machine awarded at SIFEL
1998 3rd prize at the SIFEL for the in-line tree-pulling machine for nurseries
1999 National prize for artisanal dynamics
2000 Sival d’or for a tree nursery packing machine
2001 SIFEL 2 citations for Récuplastick V and for potato planter on plastic
2004 VINITECH 2004 Silver Trophy for the thermal weeding machine
2005 SIFEL 2005 Safety Trophy for the thermal weeding machine
2005 3rd prize for innovation in the Midi Pyrénées region
2007 INPI prize for innovation and industrial property
2008 SIFEL 2008 Health and Safety Trophy for the multifunction wheelbarrow
2015 Midi Pyrénées Export Trophy

Future of the company

Many parameters force us to evolve. Cultivation methods are constantly evolving; our customers are faced with increasing costs and a shortage of labour; our range, already well oriented towards plasticulture, needs to be completed and improved. These are the reasons that lead us to develop and create different machines.

RCS 96 B 283 – 409457397 RM 82 – Siret FR 93 409 457 397 00019 – Sarl with a capital of 121 959,21 €
CIC – Crédit Agricole NMP – Banque Populaire occitane