Jaulent Industrie

Our expertise

JAULENT industrie makes welded assemblies for you. From very small to medium series. If you are looking for welds approaching perfection, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

With the experience we have acquired throughout the construction and development of our agricultural equipment, both in terms of design and production, we propose to put this know-how at your service.

Some of our resources :

  • Lifting capacity: 1 tonne on bridge, 4 tonnes on lift.
  • 5 semi-automatic 400 ampere water-cooled and programmable welding stations.
  • Various conventional equipment for working steel and different metal alloys.
  • Automatic saw.
  • Vertical, folding and horizontal plasma press.
  • Oxycutting table.
  • A numerically controlled lathe
  • Radial drilling machine etc…
  • Land of 10 000 m².
  • Workshop of 1000 m².
  • Office of 100 m².
  • CAD-CAM design office.

Our design office is equipped with 2 CAD-CAM stations, which carry out the design of new machines from A to Z.

The records of each machine are kept year after year, which allows us to supply our customers with old machines, and to guarantee a long term use although our machines are reliable.

For more information on our different services, contact us