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Flame Weeder Compact Tractor Version

The diffuser is mounted on the front mass holder of the micro-tractor. The lighting of the diffuser as well as the height adjustment are controlled from a box. It is located within easy reach of the driver, on the right or left hand side at his convenience. The bell is manually adjustable in several positions (left, centre, right), and extendable.

The bell, mounted on an extendable arm, moves around and retracts when it comes into contact with an obstacle (e.g. a traffic sign). The inward and rearward clearance is approximately 300 mm

The bottle carrier coupled to a 3-point hitch allows the transport of 4 bottles of P 13.

This version is perfectly adapted and designed for local authorities (cleaning pavements, weeding public gardens, etc.) but also for vineyards and arboriculture.

Performance table

Width of treatmentBellØ50 cm
FuelPropane gas phase
Quantity of gas52 Kg
Feed speed2 to 3 km/h
Operating pressure1,2 to 1,5 bar
Autonomy8 h (or 7 Kg/h )
Power50 to 95 kw/diffuser

All technical information is indicative and subject to change without notice.


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