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Flame Weeder Straddle Version

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Flame Weeder Straddle Version

The diffusers are mounted on a tubular frame designed and adaptable to the front of the straddle. The height of the diffusers is hydraulically adjustable. The two diffusers have a working width of Ø50 cm each. Perfectly adapted and designed for row crops (vineyards, nurseries, etc.), the heat diffusers retract in front of an obstacle and return to their initial position. The carrier can transport 2 racks of 4 P35 bottles, i.e. 280 kg of gas.

Important : The agricultural versions have the particularity of being able to perform three operations:

“Désherbage Epamprage et Effeuillage”

Performance table


Propane gas phase

Width of treatment

40 to 50 cm per diffuser

Forward speed

2 to 3 km/h

Operating pressure

0.8 to 1,2 bar

Empty weight

326 kg

Loaded weight of propane

760 kg (2x 4 bottles P35)


20 h (or 7 Kg/h per diffuser)

Working power

60 to 95 kw/diffuser (pressure 0.8 to 1.5 bar)

Calculation of the efficiency for a heat treatment:

Feed speed (m/h) x treatment width (m) = m²/h

Calculation  : 2500 x 0.4 = 1000m²/h for 1 diffuser (i.e. 2000m²/h for 2 diffusers)

Quantity of gas


Operating time


Treated area


Total area treated with 280kg of gas

10 to 12 ha **

Treatment cost for a professional about 1€/kg excl.

24€/ha **

**Example. for a vine planted at 2 metres

All technical information is given as an indication and can be modified without notice.


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