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Recycle Unit for Plastic sheets

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Mobile pre-treatment station for used agricultural plastic films

The mobile pre-treatment station for agricultural plastic films makes it possible to cut, clean and bale used plastic films as close as possible to the sites where they are collected.
The aim is to transform waste into a marketable product.

The system allows the operator to save a considerable amount of time in the entire plastic processing process.
The mobile station is financially attractive, as it avoids local taxes, transfer costs and the need for site classification.

There is no transport of used plastic which results in less pollution. It is an ecological system.

To transport :

30 tons / day processed

Performance table


1125 KW or150 HP

Projection speed

600 to 900 m/s


4000 to 6000 bars

Water consumption


Feed speed of the water jet

300 to 1000 mm/min


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