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Disposable drip tape reel RECUPIV

The machine is made up of a tubular frame assembled by mechanical welding and has a 3-point linkage. At the front of this frame (on the tractor side), 2 tines are mounted for digging up the plastic film. These tines are adjustable in height and width. A blade can be fitted at the end of the two tines to lift the plastic without tearing it (the blade is supplied as an option). Two gauge wheels mounted on screw jacks allow the working depth to be adjusted at any time and are also adjustable in width. The film cleaning and tensioning unit follows, consisting of a biconical cage roller and two wheels mounted on a shaft and driven by a hydraulic motor. The position of the wheels on the shaft and the position of the shaft in relation to the cage roller are adjustable. At the end of the chassis is the large diameter retractable chuck. The mechanisation of the collection of plastic film reduces the drudgery of this work and its cost; it also allows the plastic to be stored in the form of bales, which facilitates its transport and handling. The autonomy of collection is important (about 1000m of plastic), the release of the bale is done quickly and without effort. The winding of the plastic is always proportional to the progress of the machine. The bale formed is regular and compact. Adjustments are quick and easy. Compliance and safety features The machine has few parts, the film path can be followed from the tractor cab without any problems. The plastic bale remains on the ground when released, thus avoiding handling accidents. The operator can stop the rotation of the hydraulic motor at any time from his transport position on the machine. This function is fulfilled by an emergency stop button. The bale is released by hydraulically opening the cones vertically and can be placed directly into a skip. Compliance and safety features. The machine has few components. It is possible to follow the film path from the tractor cab without any inconvenience. The operator can stop the rotation of the hydraulic motor at any time from the transport position on the machine’s footboard. This function is fulfilled by an emergency stop button.
⦁ Versatile use of collection: tunnel, mulching, irrigation sheath, 500 non-woven holes…
⦁ Front or rear tractor attachment
⦁ Electrical control from the driver’s seat (12VDC powered control box)

Performance table








1,70 m




1 driver 1 operator

Feed speed = 4 to 10 Km/h

Reel capacity = 600m of plastic film

Tractor power = 70hp minimum


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