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Recuplastik IV Seed Maize

photos RECUPIV maïs
photos RECUPIV maïs

The GAINE IV recovery is the latest evolution of this type of equipment. It takes into account the demands of users to collect more, faster with less waste.

Composed of a lifting mast and a rotating head driven by a cylinder giving it a working angle of 111°. The collection is done from the side or from the front. The head of the machine, located at 2.80 m from the ground when unfolded, allows the bales to be emptied into 20 m³ skips or agricultural skips.

Its innovative design with :

– Its rotation head

– Its centre of gravity close to the tractor

– Its opening kinematics

– Its guide and cleaning ring

make it the most efficient machine on the market.

Ergonomics and safety have not been forgotten:

– The markings of all the connections with the diagram

engraved on the chassis

– The easy-to-use electro-distributor block

Designed for the collection of drip tubes and also of 500-hole film, mulch film, forcing film, greenhouse film and P17 propylene nets and sails.

Performance table

Tractor power required

90 to 130 hp


Tractor distributor direct tank return

Power supply

12 VDC


800 Kg


2,50 m


1,90 m


2,40 m

3-point linkage front and rear

Category 2


See the brochure

Forward speed

0 to 25 Km/h

Number of ducts collected and cleaned

1 to 10

Coil diameter

800 mm

Unearthed sheaths


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