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Weed control and heat treatment of scab DTH 800

The BIOMEGA® heat diffuser works with propane gas in the gas phase and allows weed control over a width of 800 mm. It ensures a constant temperature over the entire working width of approximately 800°c offering a 100% efficiency. The treatment is carried out in complete safety thanks to its electronic management.

This machine can be used for weeding vines and orchards, but also for warming up plantations that have suffered frost. Indeed, the bells of the machine can be oriented at 90° to focus more on the tree.

– Material design :

1) Category 2 3-point headstock with ground tracking
2) Two side arms adjustable in width by hydraulic cylinder
3) Two Ø 800 mm rotating bells adjustable in pressure
4) A system of bells erasing
5) Two pivoting gauge wheels for ground tracking
6) Adjustment of the bells on 2 axes in order to treat the ridged plots.
7) A chain curtain to contain the heat, stir up the leaves on the ground
and also a visual means of working height
8) To balance the masses, the gas reserve will be supported by the front
by the front of the tractor.
9) Selection of bells: right and left

Performance table

Quantity of gas on board

300 kG


Propane gas phase

Width of treatment

800 mm diameter

Speed of advance according to the desired efficiency

1 to 2 Km/h


1,5 bar


156 Kw

Autonomy with 300 Kg of gas

30 hours

Area treated ha/h planting at 4 metres, speed 2 km/h

0,75 ha/hour

Consumption in Kg/ha planting at 4 metres

35 kg/ha (variable)

Consumption in Kg/h

11 Kg/h

Clearance under first branches

600 mm


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