Jaulent Industrie

Lying & Sheath Injection tool

Installation of disposable liners with Injection tool with parallelogram

– 100×100 tubular frame – Double beam
– Category II coupling head
– Will be arranged on the rear: 3 universal drip hose reels
with alus flanges for installation.

– On the rear beam: 3 Injection tool with parallelogram and skids
to adjust the depth of the drip tape.

– On the front beam, 2 gauge wheels, adjustable in height and
in height and in between axis to ensure a pre-adjustment of the height.

– The Drip tape installation machine and Injection tools will be mounted on flanges allowing the adjustment of the centre distance (example: 1200mm)

– You will have left and right drip feeders

Description of the hopper:
Adjustable depth skid.
Sheath guide over approximately 300 mm to avoid any twisting of the sheath.
Covering by spoon arm, all mounted on a parallelogram ± 10mm.


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