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Jatropha Curcas Planter

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This high-performance machine has been designed exclusively for the cultivation of Jatropha Curcas.
The Jatropha Curcas planter is a 3-point mounted machine that is attached to the rear of the tractor. The selective folding of the side panels allows one of the two arms to be raised during work to avoid an obstacle or to manoeuvre at the end of the field. Its use requires a driver and an operator. The latter sits at the rear of the machine and supplies the automated soil opening blade with plants, allowing the plant to be placed in the ground, and a localized irrigation system on each plant, ensuring coverage and terracing.
Two 300 litre water tanks, fitted to the front of the tractor, are connected to the planter for its water supply.

This very specific machine is fully adjustable:
⦁ The desks can be adjusted in height and angle of inclination for a storage capacity of approximately 250 plants.
⦁ The working height can be changed by adjusting the gauge wheels.
⦁ The skimmers, which are used to bring the soil to the surface along the planting axis, are adjustable in depth, angle, and spacing.
⦁ The wheels that pack the soil and plant are adjustable in depth and spacing.
⦁ Adjustment of the seats and foot restraints to suit the operator’s morphology is possible.
⦁ The amount of water applied and the distance between plants can be modified by the driver with a control box located in the tractor cab
The control box also allows the control of mechanical elements and the number of plants during the work.

⦁ A fertiliser locator

Performance table













1 driver 1 operator
Forward speed = 1,5 to 2 Km/h
Tractor power = 100hp 4WD
Distance between planes electrically adjustable


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