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Pineapple Rejection Planter

3D planteuse ananas 2
3D planteuse ananas
3D planteuse ananas 2
3D planteuse ananas

Pineapple Rejection Planter 4 rows

For cultivation between axes 2 metres.
Very clever planting machine on plastic film, working by sinking and making a hole corresponding to the shape of the shoot. The planting principle does not require digging, and allows for a good positioning of the offshoot in the soil, as it is directly planted by the operator’s arm with energy in the hole, thus avoiding any lying plant. The operator’s position (direction of travel) allows him to communicate with the driver. The adjustment of the spacing between plants does not require any calculation and is done simply by moving and screwing the planters into the predetermined holes.
Desks are available for storing stocks of plants.
In the case of using the crate reserve, an assistant operator will transfer the crates via the inclined desks. He will collect the empty boxes and store them on the large storage area.

Performance table







3,2 m

Work:4,6 m

Road: 3.17 m

2,25 m


1 driver 2 operators
Planting distance 20cm to 75cm
Number of plants = 800 to 1200 plants/hour
Driving speed = 500 to 800 m/h*.
Tractor power = 40CV 2WD


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