Jaulent Industrie

Gas phase, how does it work?

The BIOMEGA heat diffuser uses LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), called propane in the gas phase. Propane has the characteristic of emitting gas at outdoor temperatures between -44 and +50°C.

One litre of liquid propane produces approximately 270 litres of gaseous propane.

Change from liquid to gaseous state:

This transformation occurs naturally, by heat exchange between the walls of the tank and the volume of liquid.

  • Diffuser burn tests :

Jaulent Industrie is the only one to have pushed its field of research so far.

These photos show that we have taken our approach to the extreme and have repeatedly carried out analyses of temperature, CO2 and nitrogen dioxide emissions.

8 years of research to :

optimise and secure combustion

limit gas consumption

limit emissions


market a successful, innovative, high-performance, safe, efficient, economical and ecological product

This modern concept has seduced users not only because of its efficiency but also because HEALTH HAS NO PRICE.