Jaulent Industrie

The heat diffuser

The BIOMEGA® heat diffuser works with propane gas in the gas phase and allows weed control over a width of 150, 400, 1000 and 1450 mm, depending on the model. It ensures a constant temperature over the entire working width of approximately 700°C. The treatment is carried out in complete safety thanks to its electronic management 

The BIOMEGA® diffuser offers a multitude of applications thanks to :

  • its performance
  • its innovative design
  • its kinematics of implementation
  • its perforated bell, self-driven by contact, ensuring its rotation

Its principle is based on the optimisation of the air/gas mixture offering an efficiency of 95%. It is the result of a study of the circulation of fuel and oxidant. It uses the optimisation of this simple physical phenomenon linked to the management and automation of the ignition and safety systems by electronics. Its high quality manufacturing, combining steel, refractory stainless steel and aluminium, gives it a long life and reliability.
It is an ecological product as it emits very little CO2 during its use. The treated crop is capable of absorbing 10 to 11 times the amount released by the treatment. 

Starting in 1998, this research and development project required 6 years of testing and experimentation to produce the most efficient and secure product on the world market.

It is protected by 4 patents, one of which is international.