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Drip tape roller

Enrouleur gaine goutte à goutte jetable (1)
Enrouleur gaine goutte à goutte jetable (2)
Enrouleur gaine goutte à goutte jetable (1)
Enrouleur gaine goutte à goutte jetable (2)

This modular unit can be used mounted on a 3-point beam on the front or rear of a tractor or positioned on a trailer.
It can be used to roll up flat ducts of all models (width from 32 to 75 mm)

There are 2 winding mandrels:
⦁ 1 biconical mandrel for the collection of the single-use sheath (for the purpose of destruction)
⦁ 1 reel with flanges for reusable sheath, allowing storage of the sheath until it is reused.

The device is driven by a hydraulic motor whose speed is adjustable from 0 to 400 rpm. The winding force is adjustable and allows a constant tension of the sheath whatever the winding speed.
The machine is equipped with a guiding system that allows a jointed winding for a maximum capacity gain.
The cones are opened vertically to release the formed bale by means of hydraulic cylinders.
The dimensions and weight of each unit make it possible to mount several elements on the same beam in order to recover several ramps of ducts in a single pass.
Coil diameter: 700 mm
Oil flow : 30 l/mn at 150 bars
Feed speed : 4 to 12 Km/h *
Winding speed : 0 to 400 rpm
Weight (with beam) : Approximately 200 kg * Varies according to the mechanical resistance of the sheaths, the cultivation and climatic conditions
⦁ Wind up to 10 sheaths at the same time
⦁ Attached to the front of the tractor
⦁ Trancanage screw divided the drip tape
⦁ Hydraulic speed adjustment

Performance table













1 driver
Speed = 2 to 12 km/h
Winding capacity = 6000 m
Tractor power = 70 hp 4WD to 120 hp 4WD
Sheath type = flat sheath diameter 32 to 75mm


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