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Sheller for Sea Buckthorn berry

Sheller for Sea Buckthorn berry

The unit consists of a cylindrical cage in which a rotor is positioned with specific ringed rubber fingers passing through a screen.

The rotor is driven by an electric motor with variable speed drive.

The lower part of the cylindrical cage ends in a conical part with an oblong opening allowing berries and leaves to be received and discharged into a tray containing a certain height of water.
A belt with equidistant bars with a space smaller than the diameter of the berries is placed in this tank and under the opening of the cone.
The upper part of this belt is driven by an electric motor.
Its function is to recover and clean the berries and to discharge them into a tank after drying (not shown) by hot air.
The upper part of the cylinder is covered by a tarpaulin slightly inclined towards the rotor and provided with several holes allowing the presentation of the previously frozen branches.
A transparent part provides a view of the work. The berries are extracted by bringing the rotor fingers into contact with the branch.

Performance table


220 Single-phase


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