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Growth retardant Seed Maize 1 Row

Patent, trademark and model registered G. JAULENT.

Advantage of the technique:

  • Optimisation of pollination costs
  • No need to worry about weather conditions
  • Sow male and female at the same time
  • Increase of pollination time in the calendar
  • Result 20% more productivity
  • Optimisation of production and pollination costs



The heat diffuser :

The BIOMEGA heat diffuser works with propane gas in the gas phase.

The treatment is carried out in complete safety thanks to its electronic control.

The BIOMEGA diffuser offers a multitude of applications thanks to :

  • Its performance
  • Its innovative design
  • Its installation kinematics
  • Its perforated bell

Its principle is based on the optimisation of the air/gas mixture offering an efficiency of 100%. It is the result of a study of the circulation of fuel and oxidant. It uses the optimisation of this simple physical phenomenon linked to the management and automation of the ignition and safety devices by electronics. Its very high quality manufacture combining steel, refractory stainless steel and aluminium gives it a long life and reliability.

It is protected by 4 patents, one of which is international.

Material design :

  • Category 2 3-point linkage
  • Hydraulic supply from tractor valves
  • Hydraulic arm extension from tractor spool valves
  • 1600 mm long treatment
  • Horizontally foldable to road gauge from tractor valve
  • Diode protected circuit polarity – Electrode ignition – Temperature display
  • Ignition and automatic control by box in the tractor cab

Performance table

Quantity of gas carried

600 Kg


Propane in gas phase

Treatment length

1600 mm

The speed of progress according to the efficiency sought

5 Km/h to 10 Km/h


Between 0.8 and 1.5 bar


200 kw per tunnel


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