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dth 1 600

3D DTH 1600

The BIOMEGA thermal weeder works with propane gas in a gaseous phase, and allows a weeding work on a width of over a width of 1600 mm.

It ensures a constant temperature over the entire the entire working width of approximately 800 °C, offering an efficiency of 100 %. 

The treatment is carried out in complete safety thanks to its electronic electronic control. 

This machine is available in a 1 row or 3 row version.

Performance table

Treatment width

1 600 mm

Right and left bell offset

350 mm

Width of bottle carrier frame

1 450 mm

Height of the bottle rack with P35

1 680 mm

Empty weight

210 Kg

Operating weight

490 Kg

Minimum / maximum load

4 bouteilles P35



Quantity of gas carried

140 Kg

Minimum traction power

20 HP 4WD

Speed of advance according to the desired efficiency

3 to 4 km/h


1 bar


270 to 300 KW

Consumption in Kg/h

15 Kg/h

Area treated per hour at 3 km/h

≈ 5 000 m²


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