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Drip tape installation machine Large Reel

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Double sheath unwinder on reel Ø2100

– Machine with tubular frame
– 2 arms with hydraulic opening, 1 right and 1 left
– 1 fixed arm in the centre. At the end of the fixed arm is welded
a double bearing with cone and braking pulley
– On the mobile arms at the end, 2 adjustable shafts.
– In the centre, the braking by pulley and trapezoidal belt
with hydraulic cylinders
– Adjustment slider on the arm for adjustment of the
of the sheaths.
– Pivoting gauge wheels adjusted by screw jack
– Adjustment of opening and closing of the arms and braking
of the chuck operated by the tractor distributor
– It is recommended to use it with a hydraulic 3rd point.
– The bearings used are all of the TIMKEN type

Performance table

Frame width

 2,20 m


 0,40 to 070 m

Minimum operating power

100 HP 4 RM


two reels

Empty weight

300 Kg

Operating weight

1200 to 1300 Kg

Centre of mass

1135 mm from ball joints

All technical data are indicative and subject to change without notice


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