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Super Reinforced Plastic sheet layer


– Fertilizer locator
– Drip hose reel
– Perforator
– Planting machine for plugs and mini plugs

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Very compact, it will allow you to unroll your films in all terrains and even on slopes.
The automatic descent of the roller followed by its vertical pressure brake will prevent the plastic from escaping from the wheels in case of wind.
Its deflectors, adjustable in height, length and angle, will allow you to direct the soil and avoid projections on the plastic film.
Its front roller, cleverly placed under the lifting arms, will allow you to prepare a very flat surface before laying the plastic film.
Its inclined wheels will allow the passage on mounds and the installation of the film on the mini tunnels (or tracks).
Tubular construction, adjustment of discs, wheels and skimmers.
Recommended for difficult soils.
Its advantages compared to our standard unrollers
New hub
New hub with double timken bearing and triple seal.

Position of the disc centred between two bearings
Disc Ø 460 mm with negative tooth angle
Removable fuse
Spindle shaft Ø 40mm treated and grooved with compass on graduated angular sector

– Standardised category II hitch
– External reinforcement
– Reinforced central cradle
– New deflector
– 8 mm thick skimmer with removable wear share
– Floating wheels
Floating wheel option for mulching mounds

Performance table

Super Reinforced Plastic sheet layer









Super Reinforced Plastic sheet layer


1,10 m

2,30 m

1,25 m

250 Kg

1 driver

1 operator

Tractor power : 50 HP mini

Unwinding speed : 4 to 8KM/h


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