Jaulent Industrie

Ridger layer gardening

Material design :

From front to back in the direction of travel :

– Category II headstock
– Shaping of the mound by 2 concave discs Ø 560 mm, followed by a mound shaping and calibrating housing
– Above, a plastic film unwinder on a roll.
– The rear crossbar supports 2 mobile arms where the film holding wheels and 2 concave discs Ø 460 are arranged.
– Power consumption is between 60 and 85 HP 4WD.
– The recommended tractor track is between 1700 and 2000 mm.

Rear floating arms and wheels:

– Holding the plastic film under the floating telescopic wheels
– Covering the film with the discs
– Ground tracking via the flange articulated by two opposite silent blocks (stop), fully adjustable by the rack and pinion
– Precise and independent orientation of the wheels thanks to the adjustable sector, graduated in 5° steps
– Working width and offset adjustable by two nuts on each flange.

Stopping discs adjustable in height, width and opening

Performance table


2,20 m


2,20 m


1,40 m


550 Kg

Number of rows

1 row

Forward speed

4 to 6 Km/h

Operating power

70 to 85 HP 4WD


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