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Decompactor 3 teeth

décompacteur 3 dents
soc decompacteur

Parallel double V-frame made of high-grade steel tube with a large cross-section to ensure good load distribution on each beam. Third point triangle and tubular, non-deformable counter plug. The blade supports are made of high resistance steel. These have a judiciously studied shape to allow the most agronomic work possible, less clods, low absorbed power as well as a very good penetration in the ground. No surface disturbance, no rotation or inertia of the clods, simply cracking and lifting of the soil.
The blades are protected by a triangular hardened steel seam.
Each blade is secured by a shear bolt that breaks at 28 tons, allowing work to be carried out in the most difficult conditions.
The forged and hardened steel ploughshares are fitted with hollow head bolts (BTR) and nuts for easy disassembly. They are equipped with several holes allowing them to be moved forward as they wear.

It can be equipped with several types of roller:

⦁ Mixed bar and disc roller
⦁ Cogged disc roller
⦁ Culti-packer roller

They are mounted on a double Timken® bearing reacting to vertical and lateral forces, allowing you to work on slopes in optimal conditions.
In addition, the roller allows the load to be transferred to the front axle and avoids any buckling, thus ensuring perfect transmission of power to all four wheels.
The depth adjustment can be done by screw jack or by hydraulic jack.

Technical characteristics

⦁ Available with 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 teeth.
⦁ Interchangeable coulters.
⦁ Working depth = 60cm.
⦁ Clearance under frame = 0,80cm

Performance table













1 driver
Speed = 4 to 8Km/h
Tractor power = 90 to 110hp 4WD


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