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Automatic Driver walker Weeder

conducteur marchand electrique
conducteur électrique
Conducteur marchand éléctrique

Automatic Driver walker Weeder

This electric self-propelled sprayer is equipped with a 50 cm diameter agricultural diffuser and has 3 working positions: right, centre and left.
Optional 1 metre boom.
The control handle is self-adjusting according to the driver’s morphology. It includes the following controls:
⦁ gear selector
⦁ forward and reverse speed advance throttle
⦁ electronic diffuser ignition
⦁ emergency stop button
The feed speed can be adjusted according to the pressure on the controls. The working height is adjustable by means of the handwheel.
This version is perfectly suited for local authorities, landscaping companies, sports grounds, golf courses, etc. . It can also be used in more specific areas such as disinfection of poultry houses or snow removal from icy pavements.

Performance table


Bell Ø40 cm

Ramp 1m wide


Propane gas phase

Width of treatment

40 cm


Feed speed

2 to 3 km/h

Operating pressure

1.2 to 1.5 bar

0,8 to 1,2 bar

Empty weight


200 kg

Loaded weight

250 kg (2 bottles P13)


4 h (or 7 Kg/h)

5 h ( or 5 kg/h )


50 to 95 kw/diffuser

50 to 85 kw/h

Calculation of the efficiency for a heat treatment:

Feed speed (m/h) x treatment width (m) = m²/h


Bell Ø40 cm

Ramp 1m wide

Quantity of gas

26 kg

Operating time

4 h

5 h

Surface treated

2500 x 0,4 = 1000m²/h


2500 x 1 = 2500m²/h

2500 m²/h

Total area treated with 26kg of gas

0,4 ha

1,25 ha

Treatment cost for professional :

P13 = 23,93€ TTC

119,65 €/ha

11,96 €/a *

38,28 €/ha

3,82 €/a *

Cost of treatment by individuals :

P13 = 27,5€ TTC

137,50 €/ha

13,75 €/a *

44,00 €/ha

4,4 €/a *

* Example: 1a = 1000m².

All technical information is indicative and subject to change without notice.


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